Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Letting go 16: seeing like a romeo

The sky often makes you fly even if it is meant for a moment. A moment - a lifetime perhaps through an endless cycles. The biography of rain begins from the ground. The mid-day summer sun, no matter how often brings sweaty water on Kaleidoscopic skin, gives those drops wings to fly. Sometimes, these drops give a wild appeal to kaleidoscope as well. Makes kaleidoscope fall in love with the memories of his love making with the river, stormy lived experiences with the ocean and then the lusty lonely private affairs with the rain. The rain finally stops flying with the cloud, it looses its connections to the wind that blows and eventually falls like lovers depart forever. The sky cries out through a thunderstorm. Kaleidoscope knows somewhere there is are great departures as the sky howls and monsoon lets it settle down for ever. Yes, water - rain is a great equalizer.
Its just not the same when lovers depart. Its not just the same as kaleidoscope imagines to piece together every moments which have become numerous fragments and are lost in the endless succession of ever increasing complex and multi-layered other moments.
Meanwhile as kaleidoscope searches for the rivery reflections - the lost moments - a name - a smell the rain gets settled like all disruptions and tear drops do. Kaleidoscope like everyone else wipes raindrops from the eyes but not entirely.
Like the broken windshield kaleidoscope carries millions of suns to evaporate and like a car wiper rain drops do remains.
Perhaps that establishes connections- perhaps that brings the rain. Perhaps this is why kaleidoscope lives even a million drops away from the river, from the ocean from the cloud!
Kaleidoscope could capture the following intimate moments- indeed private affairs!


  1. Give me your 'eyes'

  2. Intense Kaleido. Those love affairs never die.