Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Letting go 14 my darling students

Trans it is

It would be a year in July 2017 since Kaleidoscope left the place with rivers, amazing sunsets, blowing winds and wavy byes. It would be a year since Kaleidoscopic departure from interfaces, holding hands and consoling weeping minds.
Kaleidoscope like many others have learned that time heals. He thought that if time fails to heal it helps you deal with the past and departures. Does it? He is still skeptical.
Just when he was wondering if the connection has started becoming blurred from the place itself and that may be kaleidoscope now has to rescue his soul from the depth of his chain of memories to deal with the past to embrace the time he gets a phone call. With all practicalities its a call reporting the final result of Kaleidoscope and his colleagues' deliberations over their beloved students. Yes, they have secured grades to be remembered. They have secured grades that every teacher would dream about their students to achieve. However, it also marks end of a chapter. This is genuinely the last batch whom Kaleidoscope have taught at the place he fell in love with.
Now the space would be even more alien. May be except the river, Kaleidoscope would be even more marginalised, placeless and trans. May be that's the way it is... may be that's the way it should be. 


  1. May be that is how we grow... painful way of accepting the reality.

  2. We were lucky sir.

  3. Thank god you taught us theories. We find it easy now at university. Love u sir. Rina

  4. I support rina. It was not the syllabus but you taught us.

  5. Miss HGC miss you

  6. Sir, haldia te ele janaben, suman

  7. How can you forget hgc sir? How can you forget us. Impossible. Trisha

  8. What! you are transferred for a year? Sir,present students would definitely lose great opportunities of learning. We were lucky. Miss those field days, learning camera tricks from you and KP sir. Those days would never come back, I know. All the best sir. Regards, Venky

  9. Rina and others: thankfully you people have understood the importance of studying things even if its not there in the syllabus

    Suman: Janabo, kintu tui kon Suman, text me

    Trisha: Perhaps I will never, ever.

    Venky: Yes, I am at Kolkata now.

    All: Thanks, I am overwhelmed.

  10. SN sir talks less, usually maintains a distance from students, but teaches and encourages us like no one else could ever do. All of us were fan of his teaching and the way he carried himself. Samiran used to copy him and tried a lot to copy sir's hairstyle and presentation skills. He is unique. If one wants to know how serious he is about teaching just go through this link :

  11. This is Rosina Khanam sir, let me share things I know

    Lesser known facts about SN sir :)
    1. Singer
    2. Painter (mera friend ka didi aapka art school friend tha!)
    3. Photographer
    4. Nature lover
    5. Bird watcher
    6. Traveler
    7. Writer (aapka blog kitna famous hai wo hume pata hai)
    9. Problem solver and a good listener.
    10 An exceptional human being.

    aapse hum sab darte the but hume pata bhi tha ke aap achhe hai... dante hai lekhin help bhi karte the bahot. yeh, College ka photo kitna achhe khincha aapne.

  12. Teachers always appear larger than life. You would find many people having unique talents. Rosina, Do you have any contact with Anuradha? She seems to disappear.

  13. No sir. Anuradha went back to hariyana so far i know. Facebook pe bhi nahi hai.