Friday, August 18, 2017

Sarkar Maa-ë-Baap - how Indians misrecognise neo-liberal statehood

Kaleidoscope of late has been marginalised in the social forum regularly. The reason of such marginalization is directly linked to his critical stance against the state policies. The systematic marginalization has been of two kinds 1) people have identified him being close, being in an exchange relationship with certain parties especially with Left Front and of late  Trinamool, 2) kaleidoscope is seen as anti-national - yes how can he support JNU antinationals then? How can he write blogs on identifying features of educated chaddis? How can he write against demonetisation?

One way to deal with the problem is to avoid engaging in such conversations. Even if you see on your news feed that some people are believing in having GPS chip in Rs. 2000 notes or even if someone supports beef ban and so on. Another way is to block these people and you have your news feed clearer and hence a happier life.

Kaleidoscope cannot do either. Firstly, he believes that even if someone reading his arguments  rethinks the dominant issues Kaleidoscope would be more than happy. Second, and more importantly he believes that it has something to with much longer history and public spere of kaleidoscope's world is a victim of false consciousness. It is not the falseness which is problematic it is the consciousness which is problematic.

Why is that so?

Keep no misconception here.  Kaleidoscope will not take a cultural relativist position. There is no pride to be a victim of misrecognitions especially if you have so called ignited mind.

Kaleidoscope belongs to a country which for centuries have been taught to follow the power centres and hierarchies without question. Hence, his fellow citizen still calls a Block Development Officer as BDO Saheb (saheb is an honourary siffix for britishers), Pradhan saheb, Doctor saheb, professor saheb and so on.

When they add suffix as saheb they obey and forget to question. Kaleidoscope has grown up in a world which has inherited a legacy of close to selfless leaders! and have seen quality leaders who have done things which phenomenlogically can be called 'being for others' - long live Sartre.
Public sphere has seen policies which they were taught to obey and not question. Now there were policies doing quite well. Sarkar Maa-ë-Baap is hence should be seen as a legacy of 'welfare state' model and not the neoliberal state model.

Hence, kaleidoscope continues to live in a world which is filled with obeying subjects and not questioning subjects. The society continue to misrecognise a neo-liberal state  as a welfare state and it would continue as his fellow citizens continue to salute national flag in a throat deep water in Assam. Yes, Sarkar Maa-ë-Baap!

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