Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bluewhale game: Experiments of civilisations

While there is something called a "Blue Whale Game" that pushes people to commit suicide and like HIV AIDS we are believing in "Jankari hi Bachaw" - i.e. Knowing is preventing. It simply makes you trust on the good will of the civilisation that if you know what "Blue Whale Game" is you can survive just by not playing it! Is it that simple? or is it something much more complicated? Kaleidoscope usually believes in history and he strongly believes in the Baudrillard's claim that "Everything has already happened... nothing new can occur, there is no real world!" Kaleidoscope firmly believes in the existence of simulacra and its endless layers of signifiers.

Blue Whale Games as Civilisation's Brutal Experiments:

Well you can term them negative, you can term them as curse of civilisation, you can condemn such games and its curators as the worst products of human society and civilisation, but yes they do exist and there is no point denying that. Kaleidoscope believes that they exist because of increasing differentiation between sub-cultures to such an extent that just like the colonial period now for another time in human history two (or more) completely different human types are facing with each other.

Lets remember a case that happened in 1835 in Chatham Islands, 500 miles east of New Zealand. Kaleidoscope belongs to a society which has always taught that atrocities are committed by the so-called powerful people like the Britishers. He has studied a discipline that is suffering so deeply with ethnographic romanticism, and these two are precisely the reasons Kaleidoscope has chosen to use this case of civilisation's experiment with two different forms of people who are otherwise "tribals", exotic and supposed to be less violent than the British people or other power centres. Sadly, it is not so! Therefore, in 1835 after a hundred years of separation of two goups of people who were actually brothers and sisters a hundred years ago had a face off!

These two are the Maori and Moriori. 500 Maoris arrived in Chatham Island travellign by the first ship and then another 400 in the second ship. They started to roam around and Moriori's settlement areas and declared that Morioris were their slaves. Morioris were still large in nuber and they could actually defeat the Maoris with their knowledge of the terrain and geography but because of their culture of non-violence they thought of offering the Maori people a fair share of their resources. Morioris were however a different breed of human beings. They launched attack, killed, cooked and ate hundreds of Morioris over next one week. There were hardly any Moriori fighter left. As a result two groups separated from wach other only a hundred year ago had a faceoff and Moriori was literally eaten away by their old kins.

Such an outcome were actually predictable. Morioris were not warriors, they had harmonious relationship with their island's natural resources, they were relatively small in number and isolated hunter-gatherers. They lacked strong leaderships - to be honest they didn't need one and when they needed one they lacked because such things does not come overnight!

Today's civilizational confrontations:

Clearly the result of that clash in 1835 was a clash between two different sets and levels of knowledge and culture. Todays' Blue Whale game as a mechanism of killing people by trapping them is not much different than what happened in 1835. Today, the civilisation is for another time facing two or more different types of species. One is superior in certain kind of Knowledge than others. Hence, one level of population is dwelling with only the surface of the Internet knowledge and access. There are others who are dwelling with Deep internet surfaces where things are quite 'dark.' It was okay until the two had a faceoff - and this is perhaps the time when these two different kinds of species are having a faceoff. Bluewhale or the like will continue to kill, promote hatred and we the Moriris are not ready, are not equipped to face this civilisation's confrontations!

Kaleidoscope has a bad news from history, Blue Whale game is not AIDS and "Jaankari hi Bachao" is not what is required.

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  1. The saddest part is we still think these are games.

  2. But it is true that these are games.

  3. Horrific... and i agree as you have beautifully said this will continue and this is part of a continuation.