Saturday, July 18, 2015

Random serious vis-a-vis random casual: salt, sugar, pepper with their endless possibilities

If not now... when will you learn to love?

Souls meet, souls depart - often a painful and tearing apart journeys and nostalgia for a home that never really exists. We meet hundreds empty faces everyday - none of those matters until that one face comes and your life is changed for ever.

The essential question that needs to be asked is combination of salt, sugar and peeper. Whether the combination of these three is already given, or are created in the process or are constructed in the mind of the souls which is often far from the actual combination. Because you never know when the combination is flawed and its time for good byes.

When it comes to the question of good byes, its the distance that matters. You find the distance between two bodies drifting apart. Much like elements floating at random in space. The distance increases until you are into a complete void.

The essential question that needs to be addressed is the combination of the three... The combination that is never static and keeps changing often at an unimaginable pace. If the combination in a person, in a relationship really matters, is it possible to slow down for a bit, so that the other person can keep up with it? Kaleidoscope finds it difficult to decide because of several reasons. First, often it becomes difficult to identify the need for the existence of such relationships, second, it is not always possible bridge the gap which becomes too big, too huge to physically cross over, third, no matter how much you slow down, other persons' picking up the pace (/tuning up to the rhythm) does not remain only a matter of choice, but a matter of competence/ willingness/ likes and dislikes.

Again the old question comes, whether there is a sudden change in the combination of salt, sugar and pepper? Or is it a failure in ability of taste (/to test!) in the first place? Or is it an outcome of the construct that people conceptualise regarding a person with (imagined) such and such combinations? Or is it the pretense of the other person in the never-ending process called the presentation of the self (or straight face hypocrisy)? and more importantly is it an outcome of a constant play of simulated games by some with real players, real relationships?

The best answer might be a combination of all, with numerous permutations and combinations in different relationships, in different contexts, in different modes!

What about the real people, with minimal pretense in a not so sure games with the others? Most frequent ending is beyond the wining or loosing, beyond pleasure and pain, beyond happiness and sorrow. It ends up with a void like the space and increasingly drifting apart bodies - floating endlessly.  

Frustratingly enough Kaleidoscope lives in a world which does not have much to offer in terms of words, thoughts or actions to fill up such a void... at best being there alongside matters - to what extent, he does not know!