Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lepchajagat: The sleepy world

Kaliedoscope wins the battle to get the queen. As his winning ensures quick returns, he plans to go out. And this time, he wishes to move to a place that is less in every sense. Its less known, less travelled, and more importantly less hot and less crowded.

As he searches for such a place, his mentor - The Boss (happens to be his PhD guide as well) gives him an idea of going to north.

North - north - disturbed north:

North is disturbed. The queen knows it. And since the queen knows it, she knows it quite well. As the queen knows it quite well, Kaleidoscope has to make a concrete ground work and a solid plan of going north.

Therefore Kaleidoscope maps the recent past in north to find out last time somebody got killed in is in February (click here). It is May, Kaleidoscope argues to support his plan. The queen, however, is fond of hills, so it is easier to match the taste. As Kaleidoscope gets green signal from The Boss who is spending his lasting summer in Darjeeling, it becomes easier to convince the Queen.

Make a place:

The second issue is to plan their stay. Well it is easy. He goes to Subodh Mullick Square in Kolkata, Near Hind Cinema to book his stay at Lepchajagat Nature Resort (click here). He books and feels lucky to get the best room - suit 1.

The Journey:

As he plans late, it makes him difficult to find a train to go to New Jalpaiguri. He books a bus from Esplanade - AC super luxury volvo - the Royal Cruiser (click here). So, he goes with the queen. It takes 12 hours of bus ride to reach New Jalpaiguri. The bus halts at a couple of places.

The place:

It takes them four hours car ride to reach a place much beyond expectation. Lepchajagat is 8 kms from Ghoom raiway station.

Its a small village of Lepchas where Government of West Bengal has a forest bunglow. Only 20 - 25 people can stay at a time. Therefore less number of people and less crowd.

The approach road to Lepchajagat Nature Resort

kanchenjunga visible from Suit one.

kanchenjunga from one of the local view points

The Jungle beside the resort

The Tea Garden near by

It ends and continues:

Mirick lake is not very far, Darjeeling too is within 15 kms. One can hire a car from local Lepcha Village to roam around. However, there are local transports available. Kaleidoscope, because of the nature of his earlier job, was a traveller. He has been to many places, but Lepchajagat has made a special place in his heart.


Lepchajagat Nature Resort.
8 kms from Ghoom Railway station.
How to go?
New Jalpaiguri is a major railways station of West Bengal. However one can go to Bagdogra airport, and Tenjing Norgey bus stand in Siliguri. From New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra or Bus stand take a cab directly to Lepchajagat. In peak season it should not be more that Rs. 1500/-, in off season it around Rs.1200/-. To make it more economical one can take a shared taxi to Ghoom, and then another one at Ghoom going towards Sukia and get down at Lepchajagat. The resort has a couple of cars, available whenever needed.
Where to book:
West Bengal Forest Development Corporation.
6A, Raja Subodh Mullick Square, 7 th - Floor,
Whom to contact in Lepchajagat:
Without booking no one is allowed to stay there. After booking the tourist would be provided with the phone numbers of the management staffs in Lepchajagat.
For hiring car one may call Ravin: +919614270044, local boy with local knowledge and a Maruti Omni - a well maintained car.