Monday, January 22, 2018

Disciplining college street - The case of Presidency wall and Bhawani Dutta Lane

Two kinds of politics linked with colour Kaleidoscope knows, the 'politics of colour' and 'politics with colour.' The very idea that makes him feel fortunate that his species is not as colourful as birds and other animals. Has it been the case, history of homo sapiens would have seen more bloodshed in the name of colour. Meanwhile, he is witnessing what can be termed as politics with colour.

The blue white combination which now represents his cityscape and the 'statescape' - the paints of all public properties he believes adds to a great visibility to the state led development initiatives.

However, there are other forms as well. Most notably, at college street, as part of beautification the historical presidency university has transformed all the shanty like different looking old book stalls into similar looking smaller shops. They are painted in creme yellow colour and have thus lost their distinctiveness. One can rarely differentiate between them any more.

While, disciplining happens to be one of the primary aims of the late capital civilisation, Presidency, one of the important hotbeds of the promotion of distinctive, radical and often antiestablishment thoughts and actions is sadly following the similar trend. Not much ago nearby college square experiences a ban on display of protest politics!
The disciplined shops in Presindency wall

However, there are still those colourful shanty like shops providing a rainbow just inside Bhawani Dutta lane. For now at leasr 'corporates' are busy with the conspicuous spaces. This is why there are alleyways with wonders that embraces the old us... the happy us.

The old, colourful Bhawani Dutta lane

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

When you can not let go.

Its only that your dog doesn't want to come back from the courtyard where we kept you before we said our last good byes to you.

 Its only that we knew you will leave us forever, I thought the sooner the better, as you have suffered for so long, but deep inside we were never prepared to let you go.

Its only that the moment you left us forever, the moment when you looked at me and mother knew for sure you are leaving I didn't cry but only wanted you to stay back for one more time.

Its only that i have never cried, because, something kept reminding me of the things to be done when you are alone.

Its only that your sitar, esraje, tabla, tanpura look at us and i could hear you are saying ''my fingers are changing, I wont be able to play Sitar any long."

Its only the smell of your cancerous cells which I started hating now I miss.

Its only the sound of your pain that I miss...

Its only the world that has changed once and for all... because non believers know there is no comeback except for those tiny little memories you make. Its only that your dog knows so do we... there were more memories we wanted to make... there were more life we could have lived, together.