Thursday, August 3, 2017

Letting go15: Phallic chair and liminality

The chair with a phallus

The phallus story

The chair sits with an arm spread like a phallus - a parallel phallus looking away from the window towards an even greater world. The phallus looks at the shallow dark table hole. The chair arms could disappear under the table hole - and can never come back unless it is pulled out externally. Does a chair only has to move towards that dark end of a table - like a patriarch which disappears and find itself facing an emptiness? Or can it also look at the corner of its eyes to see the window, outside of which rain falls - like it always has in the green monsoon.

The liminal story

An empty chair is a liminality. An empty chair is a question that asks other vital questions of transcendence. Does it transcend time, subject and space together? Or does it only challenge the moment? The challenge is  to predict how long this moment of emptiness lasts? Does it last for ever - abandoned or does it an uncertain time lag - a stop gap. Perhaps the chair does not know, or does it?

Water, bridging the gap

It was just another day in the not so charming office with a quick and unexpected break from the class schedule that Kaleidoscope discovered this affair in his tiny little staff corner. Kaleidoscope doesn't know whether the chair focusing towards the table bottom, ithyphallus was part of a regular love affair designed by people since the inception of civilisation? Meanwhile the rain comes and bridges all the classifications. Rain brings water from every corner of Kaleidoscope's classified and culturally mediated world. It washes away all, only to question his cognitive assumptions. Meanwhile, it may so happen, that the chair and table belonged to part of a forest where they have been separated from their lovers for ever - and hence both are in a heterotopic space, lusty and lonely. Kaleidoscope sat beside them to listen to their stories to realise the deep rooted patriarchy in Kaleidoscopic imagination. He could finally lost in the forest of stories to trace the roots of platonic love affairs. The sound of bee and finally the rain. Kaleidoscope knows somewhere the rain is still bridging the gaps between all departed souls, to all the moments who would never stay or come back. The chair however continued to narrate the story, beside the window as Kaleidoscope left the place to an even more deeper liminality and switches off the lights for hours, for the night... for eternity. 


  1. I wish I had the power of imagination like you have! you are envious. You can actually live within a cell with imaginations surrounding you all over. Wonderful writing Kaleido

  2. Creative loner...

  3. love, loneliness, isolation, nostalgia, sex all juxtaposed. Yes, your staff room is the miniature world, miniature life! Will try to discover stories like you have, Kaleido!