Monday, August 14, 2017

The flag of the day

National Flag at Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Govt. College. Photograph: Tuhin Subhra Sarkar

Kaleidoscope's newly build rapidly growing institution for higher education hoists flag and its a game of symbols indeed. The green lawn no matter how unkempt provides the lusty mood of the day. Lust for freedom, lust for being whatever you are, love and respect for others for what they are! Lust for little more of choices, lust for little more of everything!

Does the flag know what the country full of diversity of people lusts for? The flag, however, knows its origin in a cotton field of drought prone Maharashtra, synthesizing itself in chemical industries, sewed by the underpaid tailors and put up on a platform made by labours migrated from somewhere around the Kaleidoscope's hinterland, who doesn't  even have a proper place to spend the night!

The flag however waves, in so far as there is wind. It stands facing the back of the untreated black wall of a recently transformed shopping mall - perhaps reflecting and smiling at the background of shinning India. The flag stands, strongly with young minds, eyes full of dreams, ignited and facing an uncertain glory - yes, perhaps, this is it, this Kaleidoscope's flag of the day.


  1. Smaller narratives bigger perspectives. Brilliant. Happy independence day to you and your country kaleido

  2. That calls for the journey of a flag