Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cattle Politics and us

Well Kaleidoscope like others had enough with ridiculing the cattle protectionism and beef ban issues! He has ridiculed a section of his fellow citizens as sons and daughters of mother cow, similar he has received responses like "Seku" (meaning psudo secular), "Maku" (meaning psudo Marxist), and sometimes a more personal attack like "Ar you Bangladeshi?" "Would like to be beaten up by us?" Kaleidsocope knows these means nothing and no one is going to take these issues seriously. However, the Central policy of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Market) Rules, 2017 does matter.

What if Beef is the beginning?
Why Beef is suddenly getting high? Surely because beef is considered as food by a section of people in India and most prominently it is attached with the Muslim communities - although it is true that not only Muslims but also a certain sections of the Hindus and Tribal people consider Beef as their food. 

Beef is cheaper than any other forms of meat and contains protein - a vital nutrient which is otherwise quite costly. It doesn't matter to Kaleidoscope if he doesn’t get to eat beef regularly. So, does it matter if Kaleidoscope doesn’t get to eat eggs or fish regularly? Yes it does! Hence, it would stupid to think that a ban on beef doesn’t matter, actually it matters a lot. Ideally no one would like to have state intervention in his/her food habit. However, it is not the beef which is the main concern here.