Thursday, November 28, 2013

Right to right

Kaleidoscope finds this girl fighting in a no-man’s land in the factory where she like many others strives to produce resources that can potentially change this country. She aspires to go out of her comfort zone and makes contacts for things that she finds right, fights with people who otherwise go away with saying and doing anything as they are in the no-man’s land, does things with passion and sincerity that is increasing a scarce resource, and finally she demands what she is entitled to get.

She finds procrastination, has to pursue the powerful, and finally gets absurd remarks from the least expected corners. However, she is going to get her rights, delayed but in a sound way.

Kaleidoscope, seriously, Kaleidoscope does not know when this cosy circle of friendship and other ties would be hammered? The cosy circle which exercises centralised power, makes uncalled for intervention, and uses personalised covetousness that become the rights and rituals. Yes Kaleidoscope's world needs a strong Heresy!