Friday, September 1, 2017

Centre vis-à-vis state

Oxygen -

Centre-cow gives it hence no beef
State- Keshto has lesser amount hence no media please

Water -

Centere- river linking, thats it.
State- Fuck rivers drink ground water.

Food -

Centre - have patanjali that's saffron prashad
State - eat telebhaja help industry

Centre - fund research to extract gold from gaw-mothr's urine
State- jug therapy

Corruption -
Centre- stand on the ATM queue
State- Smoke more

Centre- seek cure in gaw-mother
State- beat up doctors

Equality -
Centre - hindu halfpants
State- support instant triple talaq

Support mechanism-
Centre -bhakts (often known as chaddis)
State- goons (often known as taja chhele)

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