Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sun burn

Kaleidoscope feels a burning sensation at the back while he takes long lasting bath in the sea. Despite of repeated request to cut short the bathing period the Kaleidoscope hears the sea's call like this (well not the sound but you have to feel the call anyways) ...

and Kaleidoscope is, after all kaleidoscope. So it is a situation where the one who stands within the water always wins so Kaleidoscope does.

After his return Kaleidoscope finds the burning sensation persists and within a few days a layer of dead cells comes out of his shoulder. It is the result of preliminary sun burn.

Kaleidoscope's dad being a musician roams around the city attending and taking classes everywhere of a city which is blessed with hot and humid weather. Today he is having the same problem in his hands and feeling the same burning sensation in his cheek. It is reddish and gives you whole lot of irritation.

Yes, kaleidoscope has an information guru, the google. It says, both Kaleidoscope and his father are exposed to too much UV rays.


Kolkata is having average temperature now a days around 35 - 38 degree Celsius and its not unusual.

So, why all of a sudden sun burn? Should Kaleidoscope assume that ozone layer is vanished?

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