Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inserted lens: do we seek a deeper perspective? Or just a habit of insertion.

Kaleidoscope walks along the sea beach and finds sandy dunes along the beach. He finds it interesting and plans to explore. The first vision is like this

When he starts exploring, he finds a flowering spiked tree - cactus. Kaleidoscope thinks it a rare event when cactus has flower.

kaleidoscope takes a few snaps like this

and this

Until this

The last one Kaleidoscope takes involves setting his camera to super macro mode, firm held hand and insertion of lens in the flower to capture most intimate details of the instrument of production. He keep taking details and the frequency of the inserted photos compared to other photos is like this.

Now Kaleidoscope is unsure whether it is his pursuit is perfection (but kaleidoscope is not a perfectionist)? Or, if its the image that attracts him? Or, if he has the tendency to explore and seek deeper? Or, its another manifestation of patriarchal pursuit of insertion?

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  1. Insertion as in SEX ?? Well sex follows the same can never be satisfied until you go deep enough...