Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stabbed corpse and letting go

The corpse is stabbed again. It is not new that the corpse is stabbed, and its not even a significant incident for the corpse or the stabber or the world, yet corpse is writing about it because empathy is impossibility and Corpse has to unburden itself.

It is a slow but steadily monotonous process of making the stabber convince about corpse's decision. Whenever, corpse finds light at the horizon the process reverse back and corpse is stabbed again. Corpse lets it go, with a hope of a brighter tomorrow when the stabber is sad with the stabbing weapon become tear.

But that never happens and corpse is stabbed again.

In the mean time Kaleidoscope arrives with his analytical lens and tries to convince the corpse about the multiplicity of the world and the possible causes of Corpse being stabbed again and again. Kaleidoscope speaks about the possible cultural hangover, stereotypes and constructs that both the stabber and stabbed have. He points to the incompatibility of these possibilities and that even the Corpse might have stabbed the stabber.

Corpse is confused about the stabbing occasion, but could not let it go. It understands its version of the reality which increases its confusion, but from the core of its stabbed heart it just can not let it go. Kaleidoscope understands the difference between analytical distance of the social world and compromised dissolution of boundaries in the personal world. Both the Corpse and Kaleidoscope are awfully tired and need some sleep.