Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silent miles, lonely beach and crowded devotees

It took over five hours for Kaleidoscope and his friends to reach the destination that is only three-and-a-half hours away from his city - courtesy Indian Railways.

On the third day of his stay at the place his team decided to go to nearby lonely beach. They took a Vano [motor van, used to be known as motor van, but after great departure of Tata Nano in Singur, its now VANO] like this.

Because of the end of the Bengali calendrical year, thousands of devotee with their intention to please Lord Shiva was walking silently... and Kaleidoscope's destination matched to them.

So Kaleidoscope had to change the route which ended up in another lonely beach.

But Kaleidoscope found the journey which crossed devotees, crossed the lonely beach as well

Kaleidoscope took snaps (as we can see he pasted here) and continued to recap his journey to the lone beach... the Silent Miles he travelled and the extra mile he had to add to reach the destination - lonely beach. He and the team wanted to avoid the crowd that crossed their road but ended up having them thus breaking the loneliness they searched for.

The Silent mile and the extra mile... as Kaleidoscope thinks has been good, just like the miles the devotees cover on foot is good for them. Kaleidoscope can not find the loneliness in the beach - may be the devotees do not find what they search for. However, Kaleidoscope can now identify his Vano journey to lonely beach with their on foot journey to the temple.

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