Monday, April 26, 2010

Deferred food security is denial of food grains

Kaleidoscope comes across news papers and magazines regularly to make himself disappointed. Here is yet another story where Kaleidoscope is disappointed with the world he is given to live in.

A woman labourer in a tea estate in Assam holds a severely undernourished child. India's population pays the bulk of its healthcare expenses out-of-pocket, as governmental spending is low. Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar Accessed from

Kaleidoscope hears about food security, which makes access to food a fundamental human right. It is an wonderful idea for a country which shows six percent growth even in the time of the great recession and bankruptcy.

It is a happy go moment for Kaleidoscope when he finds an actual acceptance of India's rural huger and poverty. UPA does not stop there, but think of changing it. Now three days back on April 23, eGoM (empowered group of ministers) asks the planning commission to submit comprehensive data on BPL families. Sharad Power says that food security was not on the agenda. The basic discussions are not even completed as they are skeptic about the Public Distribution System which is expected to play a nodal role in implementing food security as a major poverty alleviation scheme.

Kaleidoscope is extremely disappointed with this position

First, India does not have reliable data regarding BPL even Tendulkar Committee report which says the existence of 37% BPL is not taken seriously and government is thinking of curtailing the number of beneficiaries under food security coverage.

Second, criteria for BPL selection are problematic as it ignores simple ethnographic fact that people live in multiple worlds, not in a single world, therefore, BPL in one world is different from BPL in the other.

After months of preparation and agenda setting, UPA is unable rely on its own mechanism which indicates serious mismanagement.

kaleidoscope is frustrated to see that all these are happening in a situation when India is criticised for contributing highest (42%) percentage [UNICEF's Calculation] in world's Under nourished children which Manmohan Singh admits a National shame and India is blaming rural poor for supporting Naxalite movements across 195 districts in 16 states that already costs hundreds of lives according to South Asia Terrorism Portal.


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  1. Well thought out! Good that you took trouble to write about know, this article makes feel so shamelessly privileged...for, it in a way provides a sort of heart-rending contrast to my recent write-up on my blog!