Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Letting go 16: an accident, a song and dealing with the past

It was one fine winter morning that Kaleidoscope started another journey to the the field. It was part of his project that began with river and ended underground - yes you have guessed it right it was his project on irrigation. Funded adequately by the ministry of water resources and kaleidoscope could even hire helicopter if needed. However, he was happy with a travera - big enough to take everything you need if you have to spend the night inside the vehicle.
Yes, he had to face severe disruptions because at one part of bardhaman local administration arrested illegal opium cultivators and hence he had to spend the night inside the vehicle at one of the connecting roads to the NH 2. Now thats another incident but this one is more serious than that!
Next morning half awaken kaleidoscope along with a small team of special research group started his journey towards another village. Kaleidoscope sitting on front was careful enough to use his seat belt. The driver his beloved and skilled Chhotu directly hit a truck from the backside. Kaleidoscope's forehead stopped inches away from the bend brass made flag hoister used by the owner of that travera once in a while to express his gratitude to the country.
Kaleidoscope survived because of the seatbelt.
Did he? He was blinded for a while and then all he could listen to was the famous song 'Mauja hi mauja' from the wonderful movie 'Jab We Met'.
The entire team for the last one weak was enjoying this particular song whenever their travera speed up in the highway. It was 2007.
Since then kaleidoscope has always tried to avoid this brilliant song. He changed the television channel, turned off the radio and never kept this song in his computer or other devices.
Of late kaleodoscope started exploring google play music online and on his way to work he had to listen to this song once more. At first he thought of switching off google play online but somehow he liked the tune of the song once again!
He could actually go back to the song once again. He could go back to the moment before that accident and there are no other moments with the song after the accident.
It took roughly a decade to settle down. It takes time. It does. But kaleidoscope knows life goes on. Like 'Mauja hi mauja', moments can be relieved, moments can be dealt with!
One can actually repair, relive.
PS. No one was fatally injured and the everything was in order except for the windscreen and bonnet and that song!

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