Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coffee cups in central mall and pause of a mundane history

How would you see time? Is it the irreversible moments which are over once and for all? Or does it entail a much complicated and convoluted endless succession of memories and imaginations? So that each time we construct world of past from a different narrative than the existing one - precisely the reason for which history is nothing short of an interaction between past and present -  no wonder E  H  Carr is remembered every now and then by historians.

The imagined dimension of history gives a creative dimension to the past or perhaps present and future as well. So much so that when Kaleidoscope talked to clive gamble in his arguments related to 'our archaeological imagination' he knows this is the place where the conflicting dimensions of time are resolved.

Therefore when he sees things and locations the entire space embodies dimensions more complicated than the mere appearances of the artefacts.

Therefore, the couple of coffee cups on a glass table relives a moment of intense or if mundane conversations. The coffee that travelled hundreds of miles to ultimately processed in the coffee crushers of the Central shopping mall, kolkata and could hold a conversation between two.

Imagine a little more, the setting sun might just have cut short the conversation and before the person designated to dismantle the moment once and for all by taking away the coffee cups there seems to be a pause - the moment of history that covers an ever-changing dimension of space  but two artefact intact in precisely the location where the conversation - exchange - promises - a whole range of moments confined.

This is Precisely the reason for there are untold interactions, paused moments and lovely departures.

Perhaps this is why space speaks with time and moments are created with endless successions.

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