Saturday, March 27, 2010

From bread to being: mcdonaldization

Kaleidoscope was out for the mission "meeting The Queen" a self appointed secret mission in western ghat. It was an wonderful journey through western ghat in an air conditioned bus. The bus halted at some place to give time and space for intake and unload as it always happens in long journey. Kaleidoscope got out and started taking snaps.

While he bought a green coconut mixed with his favourite brand of cigarette he noticed this


The archaeology of bread and Mc D:

[two months back - in front of an attractive Mc Donalds restaurant ]

Kaleidoscope: This is unreal you love eating bread so much
The Queen: This is no bread, this is healthy Mc Donalds, and I love Mc Donalds!
K: How could you love this fast food [As if K hates fast food!!]. It has two intentions, first, to make you fat and second, to drain your money to America.
TQ: First of all Mc D [Until this, K didn't know what is Mc D but given that he is smart he quickly understood] is not fast food, its healthy food. It contains fresh vegetable, mayonnaise ... ummm I just love it
K: Its meaninglessly expensive and I can't find why should I leave Chinese and Indians to consume bread
TQ: Because you have never tried, its fascinating...

[The debate continued]


When the bus started Kaleidoscope noticed that the Mc D was located in the middle of a village to attract passers by. kaleidoscope knew having something is better than nothing but Mc D is next to nothing. He smiled and concentrated on the scenic beauty of western ghat.

[fast forward - the journey to the mission of meeting The Queen]

The mission went successful with effective Mcdonaldization in breakfast and in early lunch with The Queen. A fast forward journey required fast forward food and Mc D is another name of efficiency in fastest stomach filling, quantitative time management and predictable environment - everything is same and yet not monotonous.


[pack up]

While Kaleidoscope looks at his anchor and his vessel he discovers an echo of sounds "I am busy", "I am running out of time", "Have to complete according to the 'terms of references' which actually same with what he hates about Mc Donald. Now Kaleidoscope knows that conflict with The Queen is rooted in his 'being busy' - being Mc Donald. He recognises that he has already transformed himself from emotional to calculative and rational being. That his calculative and rational being is a new barbarism.

Kaleidoscope also understands the irony: The Queen is totally in love with Mc D but cannot tolerate the McDonaldisation of Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope on the other hand hates Mc D but has a Mc D self.

Kaleidoscope decides to cope with his McDonaldised self!

Ritzer, George. (2004). The mcdonaldization of society. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage

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