Friday, March 5, 2010

Left Luggage: what happens when we leave.

Throughout life, we keep on doing things we like to do. We feel as if life never ends! But It does

Left Luggage: tortoise shell on the sea shore
An endless pursuit of self maximisation, an endless search for our self, and then depiction of ourselves. Yeah! we wish to leave a mark! We wish to depict our existential reality.

power is situational

How would you mark?

Now that is a question. A very common nature of depicting our self is the impression on material world. Most frequently it is the place where we live. HOME. A place where i belong. We wish to personalise and make a point of our existence. Architectural achievements, gaining prestige, security and the perception of space, all goes through shaping, reshaping according to our being in home.

What transcends?

Yeah, I know I am not here to stay long, but I wish to transcend time. I take death for granted until I am fragile. The unconscious, our being perpetuates the thought that it is the matter that transcends time. We keep on constructing. As we construct the matter we also construct our world, our ideas about who we are what we are.

Does it transcend?

"They say nothing last for ever" but they do transcend, they do fight longer than we do. They do challenge time. When the support system brakes down, time conquers. We leave... leave impression on the materiality of the world. What happens to them? They die, in a more painful and slow process.

In the end it is the stuffs in transformation. "Nothing lasts for ever" but nothing in this world disappears. In the end what remains is the GREAT NOTHINGNESS - a blurred boundary between whether we have existed... or we have not. whether we have lived or not. Whether we have died or not. Does it make a sense? (What do you mean by sense)

The whole lot of trouble of questioning. Does the transformation hold the ultimate truth? Whether a palacial building or left out stuffs or the the tortoise shell on the sea shore...

Tired? Shaken?? Broken???

Lets be happy with our nothingness.

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