Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cilinging moments in a coffeeshop

While the raindrops brought emptiness and Kaleidoscope enjoyed some quite and lone moments in the coffeeshop yesterday, today with an unusually rapid transformation of weather, there was a bright blue canvas and it was literally glittering outside. As his relatively free time in the workplace was over, he thought of giving another try to another coffeeshop with the contrast in weather. This time with a friend, having strong inclination in exploring time!

Time is what dominated the entire discourse and history became a lived experience, meanwhile there were people coming out of the mall and filling their stomach with quick grabs. Just another everydayness in the coffeeshop. A few smaller groups talking, a couple amused by sudden appearance of a cat and the time kept ticking unknowingly.

Perceptively, unless there was longer looking shadows nearby, there hardly was time drifting away. No one looked at the clocks in the mobile phones or on the watch - or at least Kaleidoscope imagined in that way. A rainy empty urban yesterday seems to have left the mark in the relatively cool breeze and a relatively lateback coffeeshop today. No matter how indifferent the space is,  (yesterday was a glassy architecture today its an open air space), monsoon seems to have worked on both. Water is indeed a great equaliser in more subtle ways than we would ever know!

Was it kaleidoscopic imagination or was it a fact that time actually, slowed down for a while? The time as Kaleidoscope travelled from a distant past through the discourses, seemed to ultimately concentrate itself on the elongated shadows nearby. As if the whole world was melting and spreading on the concrete floor nearby. Time was painting the space by melting down slowly. The chairs became elongated as they were left by others. Yes, the transcendental chairs continue to exist for a long suspended time.

Monsoon does wonders, setting sun melts down the dimensions of time which simultaneously changes rapidly on the sky and remains static as the shadows paint on earth and its space. Shadows became longer- scripting way the delayed time as there is always skylight long after the Sun disappears.

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