Friday, October 20, 2017

Bullet trains and 'fuck you' data

Everyone in India has some experience of a train ride and this is going be revoultionised with Bullets cumming after demonetisation disaster! It all starts with an image of 'fuck you' once I put some calculations in an excel spreadsheet. Blame it on United States entirely, as US is the country which is showing middle finger and its a spreadsheet designed by their gem. Lets have a look:

US showing middle finger as they don't mind (Data calculated from world bank report)

Okay so you got it US is showing the rest of the world a middle finger saying "fuck you" I don't care if I have to pay the highest amount for gifting California Bullets. We can understand that. Arnold Schwarzenegger being their governor for long time they can give a damn (remember total recall baby!). China smilingly takes their fingers down, yes, there is "I don't give a fuck" attitude prevails and that is an achievement in itself. The rest are the names of colonizers with charming wine clad little towns and the romantic noise in sum the Spain. The orange clad India stands wondering at the demonetisation on one hand and Bullet trains on the other. 

An imagined conversation:

Q: How would it be viable?
A: only if it has 100 trips, 88,000 to 110,000 passengers per day (click here
Q: Is it really free?
A: Nothings for free. Think about Rupee depreciation value over Yen (60% in last ten years). Remember the .01% interest rate and that amount of passengers being available. 
Q: How cost effective are bullet trains across the world?
A: Viable High Speed Railways is an oxymoron. It is nowhere viable and it cannot be. It is a political stand. (click here
Q: are we fucked?
A: Not yet
Q: Why not?
A: because we don't know the future and we are already fucked long back!

Meanwhile the orange clad pillar is making faces and might punch me on my face, hence, this is the end!

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