Friday, October 6, 2017

Balls Story - Global Bengal Story

Installation at Yuba Bharati Krirangan. Photograph: taken from Guruchandali group, Facebook
Why can't you people see the fact that the torso is a ball. Remember the movie Idiocracy where 'balls' happens to be the measure of strength, measure of manhood and masculinity and we all know we use it quite often than not. There are three of them at least visible!
Two legs and a ball on top like we see cherry on top of an ice-cream, don't you people like it? Come on, its toppings, baba; don't you discuss toppings when you go for a cheesy treat of pizza, then what is your problem? Kaleidoscope's fellow citizens are watching a rapid transformation of the city. There are sudden balls and players being installed here and there. All of a sudden a few waste disposals are converted to lusty green landscapes. People were happy (excepting those who were displaced in the process, but that's collateral damage to the balls) until there was unveiling of the cherry top of the transformation! Some assumed it to be a 'cup', some said it might be a frog but no one perhaps had ever imagined this. But this thing is real, welcoming world to a Global Bengal!
Think of the two legs that enables you to walk for miles from Singapore to 'Shyaoragachh er tola.' Yes, you need your legs to walk. To enjoy Hague or to get a hug or to get relief from it (in Bengali) you need to walk or sometimes run. From Gandhi to Q directed Gandu, walking happens to be important. Gandu fell on the rickshaw puller 'Bruce Lee' and got a slap - but that's another story, but the bottom line is you need to walk or run to achieve, therefore folks please let it be!
The question however is, what if the pant disappears before the game? Remember, already we have three balls here! Ssssshhhh... no kaleidoscope stops here and folks keep your imagination alive.

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  1. Hilarious... uff what an ugly face of the stadium