Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Letting go 8: Weired inclinations

Kaleidoscope knows people and their crazy, stupid, irrational inclinations. One of his friends is crazy about large rocks. He can't resist touching and hugging large rocks. He is swiftly dragged by any large rock in mountains. Kaleidoscope can recall several occasions when he jumps on one and then sits on the rock endlessly. His inclination does not have rational explnation, neither does he care to give one. Similarly kaleidoscope is strongly inclined towards water - more specifically, of late, he dreams to be engulfed by a river. He keeps on writing his experiences with the imagined river - distancing himself from the impossibility. He often shuts himself off from whoever says its impossible to make the journey in a prolonged sunset or to listen to the sound of waterfall in a late winter forest.

However, he owes an explanation to himself and that might help the worlds to understand the seemingly impossible connections.

Kaleidoscope experienced some of the weirdest inclinations in his not too small life. He faced consequences as well. Water has always been a saviour and he continues to seek refuge to water. Water,  when it is flowing on but not gigantic as that happens with the sea and not as aggressive as a river flowing through mountains. Both of these makes him awestruck with the spectacle but scared too. He is comfortable from a distance, knowing fully well the impossibility to become one- kaleidoscopic inability.

Kaleidoscope has loved the river from the moment he looked at it and can actually take the river with him everywhere. It suits him. He wishes to remain that unknown soul madly in love with an wonderful river. Neither the river nor kaleidoscope knows the length, the depth and the curvatures. Hence, kaleidoscope chooses to remain a private person secretly expressing life and love in the layers of crores of hashtags. Kaleidoscope is telling stories only to be buried under words, images and everydayness. He finds the river in highway, forest land and even in an otherwise smelly urban sewage which is by no means romantic. While the worlds fail to read the connections- kaleidoscope listens to more stories of impossibility. He talks to the water.  Water smiles and takes him near a river bank. Kaleidoscope finds himself in a busy cremation ground, where a little girl dressed like a boy attentively looks at a jug of water closely. Kaleidoscope approaches to find her putting a drop of oil at intervals on the surface of the water to see the game of colours. She seems to be happy with the world of water and games of colour. Although the tear soaked eyes and bruises have left a permanent mark of the abuse on her face, perhaps in her soul too.

She looks straight at kaleidoscope saying 'i am taking a refuge in water does it sound familiar?'

Kaleidoscope gets the answer. He sincerely hopes the others get their answers too, in water, stone, windy highways, forests, fallen leaves or in fire... or anywhere else.

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  1. Well thats not weired kaleidoscope. Weired is taken for grantedness, not respecting a feeling and not being able to identify river, rock or fire.