Saturday, February 18, 2017

Letting go 10: fairy lights in everyday life

Light? Object? or the objects of the light

'Light is all you can see.' Its true and boring. Kaleidoscope thinks, what if the world is as boring as the statement made above? There would have been only one thing, the light itself. If all are light then things we see are not the things themselves, rather lights or reflections of those things. What happens when light penetrates and comes out of the object? Doesn't it create different dimensions of objects?
A. The objects as reflected - the light of the object
B. The light as penetrates, hence,the objects of the light.
We can have dual selves of the object and also the dual selves of the objects and light itself.

Kaleidoscope finds that here lies the beginning of disintegrated reality. It is multiple, postmodern and based on interpretations of the object itself. The object in our perception is no longer the thing but a thing among several other seemingly related things. The way you interpret the way it is.

Enough, of the light, objectivity and thingification. What happens when you encounter such seemingly unrelated dimensions of things? Kaleidoscope gives it a thought.
For kaleidoscope its no longer the thing but a thing in a sense that there are multiple things that comes and occupies in mind and take you to the fairies.
So that he finds purple rain falling from a dark sky in his good old city when the sunlight comes through bougainvillea that grows each year caring nothing of the concrete jungel nearby. Kaleidoscope whispers to the forest nearby as the new foliage comes out after the fall. It is beginning to store stories of a multiple world as the new leaves allow sunlight to pass through. Just like the innocence that allows everything to penetrated, never judging or demanding a perspective.

The objects of the light drags kaleidoscope to travel through a warehouse of mesmerising overlapping narratives. Sometimes it shows rainbow in the spider web, purple rain in the bougainvillea, snowstorms in the grasslands and a whole outer space in the new leaves.

The light that comes and makes you discover the fairies surrounding you, always inviting you to a parallel world waiting for you to discover.

 A few more are there for you, to discover the pathway towards fairies! Kaleidoscope would love to see others finding their fairies as well!


  1. Take me to those fairy roads...

  2. Yeah, now i can see purple rain...

  3. This letting go series is so very melancholic... liked each of them... small and powerful!

  4. You seem to be travelling every day through the impossible, but it takes courage to experience them like you did. Liked it.