Saturday, February 4, 2017

Letting go 6: Kaleidoscopic highway and the river

Whenever Kaleidoscope meets the river, he is mesmerised. Its reflected in his not too conspicuous eyes. Kaleidoscope knows that very well.  He can see his reflection on the river and rivery eyes.

Since, he is more often than not live in an imagined world, where everything is like fairy tales, he sets off to a journey. A journey through a lonely highway. A highway that wraps itself up as Kaleidoscope navigates through it. So, kaleidoscope is having a long... long highway. A highway that waits for kaleodoscope so that it could transform into a life long river with a prolonged and delayed setting sun somewhere around the corner. The more he navigates towards the west the more he sees the  universe mesmerising with the Kaleidoscopic journey through the river... with the river... for the river.

Kaleidoscope heads towards the west not to defy the time, not to challenge the sky, but to be mesmerised and embedded within the highway that turns into the river - kaleidoscope's river. The Sun would smile and make the meeting point of sky and highwayish river spectacular.

Just before the darkness engulfs he would enter into a creek, because before disappearing, he wishes to make an adventure, quite like taking his river to an unknown, undulating forest land. A late winter forest, filled with fallen leaves everywhere. Kaleidoscope could touch them, kiss them. They would kiss back as kaleidoscope and the river enters into the forest. They would kiss their feet.. creep up through the calves as an welcome gesture. They would whisper the lovestory into the forest core as the river holds Kaleidoscope's hand...

Eventually the river will take the entire forest land to a melting point, wet in lust and passion for love filled encounters. While kaleidoscope would dissolve and make love with the river. The darkness and setting sun would let the world know of a love story in silhouette. Entire cosmos would celebrate and melt down with the river. There will be No movement towards the west but the setting Sun would wait and give a few more moments to the spectacle... 

'We do encounter long evenings don't  we?' - an old and brown leaf would ask the tree!

Somewhere in a busy tropical cityscape another river would ask her kaleidoscope the impossibility 'is there a Maple tree here? The leaf look so similar!'

Somewhere, another highway would prepare itself for another journey. This is why there are highways to discover, rivers to fall in love with... moments to make love!


  1. That is so melancholic and beautiful love story.. its a falling in love like feeling so besutifully depicted. This time, and for the very first time i think the river is lucky to have you. You complete the river more than anything else.

  2. That is a whole song in a surreal story. Straight from the heart.