Friday, February 1, 2019

The spring has to come

As the canal side road continues to amaze kaleidoscope with one thing or the other. A sudden appearance of tiny little common kingfisher making it's typical water close flight, or momentary call of blak headed Oriole and awesome call of the kite from hundred feets above distracts him, pushes him towards some riverine past. Like the tale of thousands of missing love affairs and painful separation as the river has to leave a place and go towards the sea - the bigger picture, kaleidoscope waits for the monsoon to fill up the gorge.

The remembrance of the untold love affairs halts kaleidoscopic pace as he encounters a rudra palas on the other side of the canal - lonely and yet colourful. There may be fallen flowers, wait that would last forever but no regrets. The spring has to come. 

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