Friday, February 8, 2019

School projects and photocopy centres - an evening in the knowledge hub called the googling

How school employs people in the name of educating our future generations is quite an amazing thing to work on. Those who are already parenting their school going children know but this is for people like me who are yet to step into the trap.

Schools will ask for some project works to be done by the student. What does the project work entail? Yes the end product is submission of a report filled with a few photographs and descriptions. How will you get those photographs? Of course you will Google them.

An around 50 year old gentleman came and asked for some wildlife photographs. He sat and choose. Took the printout and left the place.

It was more amusing when a charming girl came to the centre demanding some photographs on the history of India. From 1921 to 1947 she demanded she needs everything to be printed. The lady in charge of the computer was aback, so does Kaleidoscope. She smiled and told that 'no no I have the details'. She started selecting the photographs from the computer like this. She insisted to take prints with written details so that while pasting she doesn't confuse between salt satyagraha and Simon go back. The lady in charge and kaleidoscope laughed together. She further said she studies in some international public school, of course a private one with a certain degree of certainty that her madam doesn't know who looks like whom. The lady smiled saying 'she might use the same Google to check your answerscript.

Kaleidoscope enjoyed the whole story for his assignment over hours in the photocopy centre.

Just before you close the window let me tell you kaleidoscope went there to bind his promotion related papers which is about 157 pages of junk that no one will read but will kept somewhere in the dark corner of a public office. Now you know the value of project work, and the reason for which schools are giving emphasis on doing it!

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