Friday, July 27, 2018

Post-Hug politics and sexuality among a few lawmakers in India

I found Rahul's hug to be one of the defining moments of politics in India in recent times (click here). We are comfortably in the post-hug political phase in the middle of aggressive masculine politics of the country. The hug has been subtle and well maneuvered. Just when the hug could bring down the nature of personal enmity which roared with character assassination and creation of popular but otherwise unacceptable and irrational constructs.

The paid IT cell to make propaganda visible and acceptable & leaders filled with racist, sexist and communal mentalities transforming India from a more or less liberal tolerant country to an intolerant and follower dependent nation at a massive pace. What Amartya Sen says about the quantum jump towards backwardness in terms tolerance, security, violence, social security, redistribution and honesty cannot have a single solution.

One can ask what difference does a hug make? The straight answer might, nothing! But it is not so. It does make a difference.

First of all there was a visible difference between the two leaders displaying certain unspoken dimensions of politics of India in recent times as I have already discussed (here). There is in fact more to it.

Jharkhand MP,  Nishikant Dubey along with some other BJP parliamentarian, as it appears, have said they were afraid of hugging Mr Gandhi because of their perception hugging an unmarried man is an act of homosexuality and that they might face a divorce from their wives (click here for the telegraph news on it)!  You can easily laugh with such a stupid statement, or you can go on analyzing the perception of lawmaker and reason for which the pariament needs more of Rahul's hugs than some drastic surgical strikes on economy or our neighbouring countries.

There are basics missing from one of the highest institutions in India and a hug at least started to unmask that.

Meanwhile Amul's witty cartoon is soothing, more soothing than everyday images of lynching, rape and murders in a country which taught tolerance and acceptance for such a long period of time.

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