Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Malls without memories- a postmodern crisis

Yes, space does speak often the unspoken languages. The late-capital shopping destinations are supposedly the space to bring happiness. Kaleidoscope like many others have watched and liked the Bollywood brilliance 'pyaar ka side effects'. It was still the time when people used to feel down with the breakups. Yes the breakup song was still miles away. No one could even think of an item number with mere saiyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya!
As kaleidoscope slowly grew in a rapidly liberalised market economy he learned the joy in shopping. However, such joy could never stay for long. No joyfulness stays for long. Not even those which one attains after a long wait including 'buying' your dream car or 'making' your partner to fall in love with you. It is one of the evolutionary keys to success of kaleidoscope's species.
While joys like these never lasts for long, kaleidoscope finds young people creating memories in the built-in spaces like the shopping malls. If past is what we call memories then creating memories in shopping malls instead of black and white chequered  floored cinema halls remains the same. One ultimately has to go back to reconcile one's own biography in spaces.
Shopping malls however haunts you and attempts to push you away or change you when you have no memory there whatsoever. Until you have created some memories at a specific space you are finding it to be the same like just another mall you have had visited thousands of miles away. May be in a different continent.
Meanwhile a quick visit to one of those endless successions of images in the whole simulcra shows
Faceless desired bodies wearing desired clothes alone.
Joytoys hanging like lifeless bodies in suicide missions
Playcorner without space and children

Then kaleidoscope finds the everchanging sky outside... limited by the curtailed horizons.

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