Friday, May 26, 2017

How to identify 'educated' chaddis in west bengal?

There seems to be a rise of post truth era which is helping right wing extremists everywhere. I am giving a few conspicuous characters to identify people who are overwhelmed by hoax and are irrational supporters of BJP led Hinduttva propaganda. I use the term Chaddi not to straight jacket every BJP supporters. But Chaddis for me are a special generation who are getting most of the footage and its fun to watch them grow. Following are some conspicuous features to identify chaddis around you.

There are two kinds.
A. Active Chaddi
B. Chaddi in unconscious

A. Active Chaddi

1. Likes his/her own posts in Facebook

2. Adds 'ji' after party leaders.

'Amit ji' but 'locket ji!'

3. Forwards hoax even if its insanely hoax like

'UNESCO... you dont know' 'GPS chip yo yo'

4. Shares hindu sanhati posts

'... jai shri rum, oops ram!'

5. Suddenly adopts Devnagari as the standard script of their names to show deshbhakti

B. Chaddi in unconscious

1. Believes Hindus are minorities in India

'no no, census is a lie'

2. Supports beef ban

'i dont eat beef'

3. Gun solutions for Kashmir

'Shoot the barbarians'

4. Muslims and terrorists

'Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but terrorists are Muslims, period!'

There is a third category: would be chaddi

1. Finds rockets in pushpak rath

'I know these are lie,  but i like the creative thinking so forwarded it'

2. Shyamaprasad saved us
'Shame, you don't know Gopal Pantha'

3. Nehru had sex in Kashmir
'Arre baba these are untold stories'

4. Desh and fight
'Our Jawans are fighting and you are buying pizza, shame!'

Educated chaddis new points

Kaleidoscope has decided to keep on updating this page so here it goes
August 2017
1. People who suddenly disappears from the social networking forums after anything disastrous being dine by people like Jogi Adityanath (refer to the death of 60 children because of oxygen shortage in gorakhpur and sacking of a doctor who tried to bring oxygen cylinders by paying out of pocket) are Chaddis.

2. People who are sharing constantly hindu minority writeups are chaddis.

3. People who think central dictatorship for celebration of deshbhakti is fine are chaddis.