Friday, May 12, 2017

Letting go 13 - defining maturity

Like a falling leaf carrying ages of scripts, a flower that is over with its blooming moments, like a tree that dries with all its memories - patterns do change. No one knows when is the time to learn that its over for the old pattern and the beginning of something new! Time does not come in neatly bounded boxes, or does it? Like we know all major lifecycle events present life in chapters!

What happens when you know you have to wait for something to happen? You know you have smashed the keys, missed the final train, and you know those roads are no longer accessible and you are yet to start the 'new chapter'. When the rules of thumb dont apply anymore and like a wild fire the forest is burning!

You try to pull the poor self away from the forest of memories through the sleepless night and day. Laughing at you loud is your failure. You become entangled, cling with memories and dragged by the flow of time.

Like all that is lost  - the key, the roads and the final train, something continues,no matter how entangled, dragged and torn apart. Like frameless heads with endless possibilities you drift away. Being nowhere and everywhere.

Now that's what they call maturing - the series of letting goes. Yes kaleidoscope grows so does the world!


  1. That's heart touching

  2. I always knew growing up is some kind of loosing things and getting new things. But never felt in this way like you say growing up as a constant transition! Thought provoking kaleido