Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Patratu and the mountains in spring time

The road like a waterfall

What it means when its spring in the mountains? One of Kaleidoscope'a favourite songs is John Denver's Annie's song. His most favourite two liners from that song go like this: 'like a mountain in spring time/like a walk in the rain' someone is supposed to fill up Denver's (or perhaps Keleidoscope's) senses and fill him again.

Well, what mountains in spring time mean in New Mexico and how they whisper to the 'country boy' Denver is perhaps impossible for Kaleidoscope to imagine. He has never been to Denver's country roads, neither he can empathise him remotely. He, nevertheless has been through the forest in chhotanagpur hills this spring time and he is never shy to write as he experiences.

The highways, with provocative curvatures within a few moments of the journey began to fill Kaleidoscopic senses. Kaleidoscope didn't know about the place Patratu but heard it from one of the experiencers who fell in love with the place and perhaps found love in the place. Yes, Patratu embodies falling in love like feeling with brown fallen leaves, red palash flowers, light green mahua fruits decorating an ever changing pattern on the black bitumen. The white straps of lane divider called for a regularity and continuity. The entire highway appears like a love line which flows through every moment as Kaleidoscope was navigating. It opened up a new chapter of love affair with each passing moments! Yes, Patratu invites you through an unusual combination rocky mountain and deep blue sky forming alternative river banks through which to go availing a mystified highway. If kaleidoscope considers the highway to be the river, which time and again comes into his thought, the entire space transforms into that surreal beautiful landscape which kaleidoscope like thousand others used to draw and paint during their childhood drawing classes.

While the ola rental professional driver quickly understood the couples are on a pleasure seeking adventure he never exceeded the speed beyond 60 kmph. Hence, the spectacle could settle and fill the senses. At some point the road virtually jumps off the cliff towards the lake - which kisses the sky - the entire forest whispers - gosh thats Patratu. That waterfall like road shouts and challenges "come on get in here!." The lake where no one came at that time humbly submits and whispers the stories of rainfall through mountains. The Gangchil birds were waiting and roaming around aerially while the boat introduces to the lake and a small island nearby. The overlooking cloudy sky painted the canvas while thousand sheds of green complemented the 'mountains in spring time'.
It was fairy moments to feel water underneath, a few raindrops, accompanying Gangchil, thousand sheds of green surrounding the nature's den patratu.

A teastall nearby named 'facebook tea stall' reminds kaleidoscope about the world outside, the world back urbanite homes.

The spectacular sky in between the mountain peaks started to turn red. It demanded kaleidoscope to make his return and experience the mesmerising melting down of the loving souls of mountain, raindrops, fallen leaves, palas flower and smell of Mahua to become the one in darkness. Intimate moments approaching someone whispered to Kaleidoscope and so the car started to navigate once again. Kaleidoscope stopped midway when the sun was about to set to see fallen leaves talking about the year passed bye... the naked tree trunk bidding goodbyes and the setting Sun creating private sphere. Kaleidoscope could see the innocence of the new and colourful leaves! He left before the private affairs began - somewhere in the background its the Denver again 'you fill up my senses/ come fill me again!'
Those unexplored paths lying alone

highways and curvatures

Lake or rain in a bowl whatever they say

Hint of colour

Those provocative curvatures

One side of the bitumen clad river

A swift slope

Yellow eyed babbler on a palas tree

The witty facebook hotel


  1. What a place and how wonderfully you explored!

  2. So! What did you have from facebook hotel?

  3. Reading this and listening to Annie's song. Wonderful Kaleido - feels like Martini - yes dirty martini

  4. Once upon a time someone made me listen to "you fill up my senses" and that bridges the distance of miles.... Yes, Patratu offers love in its full blossom and continues to fill up one's senses again and again....

  5. What a lovely place Kaleido! I totally enjoyed this journey with you!