Thursday, March 9, 2017

Letting go 12: Those memories of South Eastern Railways

There is nothing amazing or astounding in being engulfed into the memories. Its not just a statement but an experience. The only difference between kaleidoscope and several others is that kaleidoscope finds whatever experience he has as exceptional. He also finds above average spur of emotions to fill him. Often such emotions out runs him and flows all over his body and soul.
Here is another one and with so many different layers that he finds it intriguing. His journey towards  Ranchi, Jharkhand suddenly results in discovery of layers of memories. The most recent one of course is about his abrupt disjunction from the riverland. Kaledoscpe in his initial days of seeing the river from distance used to run on rails. While kaleidoscope had to get down but the river would continue to flow to a different direction. As it flows even today.
The widest span of Rupnarayan (the real river) could only make him awestruck and later he continued to enjoy playing with a dusky sky over the river in monsoon. He would think of coming back again and again towards the river. Although he had to leave.
The more he would travel to cross others including Kangsabati and Subarnarekha the older memories would crop up. Memories that once made a Kaleidoscope to watch a small station to disappear as the train didn't care. The station which formulated a lot of the beings as Kaleidoscope encountered 'others' in country liquor, intoxicating test of real ganja, ant larvae sauce and thousands of words and an imagined love affair with an impossible setting sun over a rocky river.
Memories no matter how everyday it seems is not going to leave kaleidoscope anytime soon. Meanwhile its Rupnarayan again and its time to go back to the love affair again.

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  1. Wonderful experience and cycles of memories kaleido