Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mountain person?

Are you mountain person? Asks Kaleidoscope to the river. The river was too busy to reply but gave away fountains of scattered intoxicated droplets as Kaleidoscope and his friends climb up the mountain through the early morning lights. The forest only accepts those who seek refuge in the canopy, creepy soundscape and definite waterfalls. As the car speedup and pines started to replace sal a brief goodbyes to the plains Kaleidoscope thought. Where else would you see the morning lights, cloudscape, whispering birds, moss, ferns and colourful people making love with each other - than the Darjeeling!

The day started with his favourite sausage, becons and a cup of tea in his favourite corner of Caventers, juxtaposed by the chilli-beef with a hint of beer in the noon. Before the night it was to see the love making and the evening show by rock bands on the mall could not have been better with rounds of whisky! All just for the river that brings memories of love in the mountains.

Before the day breaks Kaleido leaves, he thought he can born a thousand times just to see the silhouette of the mountains always ready for the love... the eternity - like the river born.

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