Thursday, May 30, 2019

Apolitical bar and a 'cultural' Jai Shri Ram : Bengal Politics in a nutshell

It was a hot summer noon with the mid sun sucking everything that a human has to offer. Along with one of his close colleague turned friends Kalieodscope seeks refuge to one of the local not so famous bars. These are the bars where real people meet chat and perhaps discuss the whereabouts of the rest of the world. These are the bars which doesn't stop you from smoking while you enjoy your drink because it's ultimately your lungs and your decision, remember the famous my body my choice move. these are the bars where you get to see people across spectrum some engineer, some medical representatives and also some of the truck drivers and local political goons. These are the bars that can suspend the bars between classes, political identities and what not. Truly postmodern experience crystallized in the form of alcohol consumption located nearby. They are not going to give you fantastic foods or so called ambience. However these are the places where one can find out real feel for a sample of the entire cosmos which is happening around you and things which are making people affected.

So when they entered the bar all of the tables were occupied some by engineers one of whom was afraid of getting married but was sufficiently pressurized by his family, couple of medical representatives who like Kaleidoscope was looking for a refuge from the scorching sun, one of the local businessmen, a couple of local political workers exhausted with installing party flags in neighbouring areas in order to mark the territory of one of the political parties facing stiff challenge from the others, and also an auto driver who thought it was enough for him to earn for the day and grab a beer.
The thing that was striking in the bar was a couple of codes of conducts pasted on its wall. Kindly refer to the photograph Kaleidoscope managed to take.

Yes you got it right the bar was asking its customers not to discuss political issues and not to use slangs. It was quite clear that these two domains frequent in that space. Kaleidoscope's friend's fun full response to this is that it's a sanskari bar. However, when the couple of local political workers entered the bar they looked at one of the tables where one of the customers were previously known to them, chanted "Jai Shri Ram". Yes you got it right not Rum but Ram.
immediately the entire scenario of the Bengal as well as India's political terrain surfaced. People do not consider Jai Sri Ram as a political slogan and there is hardly anything that anyone can do about. Entire political landscaping BJP is capitalising on is by using the cultural baggages which is apparently not political at all. Starting from their campaigning strategy which uses social media that requires huge amount of money to their sloganeering that uses so called what Kaleidoscope had said cultural misrecognition. There is hardly anything that can be done at this point of time to convince people that these cultural misrecognitions are misrecognitions and not so called innocent cultural expressions anymore.

Kaleidoscope knows as many others that the the cultural ideological sloganeering and poitics is winning unhindered in most part of his country and its alarming.

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