Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring time grasses and nostalgia bites back

What happens when the the setting that engulfs you with it's conspicuous presence slowly gives rise to hints of nostalgic past? Yes, either you ignore them or quite sometimes you embrace them. This is precisely what happens during particular seasons in the built-in city of New Town Kolkata. This is the spring time and hence it's also the time for an end to the year long ignorance to the grasslands, yes kaleidoscope refers to the natural grasslands and not to the landscaping made by the disciplining organisation of the place named NKDA. Yes, it's time for the shone grasses to bloom and before you know they bring about much needed nostalgic atmosphere in the region. These grasses if left alone can grow tall and has the capacity to completely transform the landscape to a grasslands. People, would have definitely used them to make strings and are quite an useful resource to the villagers. Often they provide good thatching to the roofs of a mud wall house. A natural and sustainable form of temperature regulator.

Who is going to use them here, at a place where the history has been wiped off by using mechanical and political power to being about a dream destination to the urban middle classes. They have their air-conditioning machines to do that. They are habituated in wiping off histories in the name of development.

Meanwhile, the shone grasses returns in with the spring like the repressed returns and ghosts of past bites back.

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