Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Selfie, late capital leisure and memory overloads

Kaleidoscope has to change his phones like everyone else after every three four years. In each of the cases the reason is the same - memory shortage. Earlier it was the shortage of memories because of flooding number of phone numbers and now because of memory  exhausting apps. Of course it is a game plan to continue kaleidoscope's requirements of a new phone.

Earlier when the phone with a camera was new in his world kaleidoscope thought it's 'hansjaru' - the famous nonsense of mixing or character by none other than Sukumar Ray. He thought what is the point of having a phone with camera while he loves photography through the real camera. Kaleidoscope being shortcited never thought camera could be so improved that even famous photographers would look for a better camera phone. It happened and then one-day kaleidoscope too bought a phone with front camera as well. His pea sized intellect again failed to realise the impact of front camera and selfie until he got transferred to a college which is also a popular selfie spot as well. with a glassy outfit, landscaping at the entrance and surrounded by shoppingmalls the place is suitable to self indulged selfies.

Leisure with a laptop

Selfie and smoke

Selfie ready architecture

Meanwhile kaleidoscope notices a rapid change in the ways in which his fellow social members celebrates leisure.

Even a date is now to face the laptops and hanging out in built in space means taking selfies. There seems to be an odd man out with a cigarette in the frame.

Kaleidoscope knows like many others memories will fell short, new phones will continue to take away savings and a world of selfie-led actors will grow like the insatiable beings of his world.

There will be more selfie ready architecture percolating everywhere, pre-wedding, pre Parenthood photographs flooding newsfeeds and an increasing isolation from the world outside will continue to dominate his world as kaleidoscope attempts to immerse in his world of blogs and photos living with an illusion that he is doing something different.

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