Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Letting go 19- the river that keeps a part of you

Then there comes a point when life takes its own course to make thing fall apart. So as to make you stay with the river, smell the river and yet fail to talk to her, touch her, hug her to relive. On your way back as the highway runs along your pathway, you feel the rush of love flowing through veins. Like the stream consciousness suddenly makes you overwhelmed with the feeling of falling in love for the first time or the feeling of suddenly loosing the most precious part of your life, the river pulls you... holds you back.

You know for sure that there remains a part of you somewhere with the river, lost in the pair of eyes or the scent of smell or the depth of the riverbed where you could never reach or you could never come back from.

With the setting sun, you give away your part of the self thay you cared for the most - a tribute to your love. The river smiles and whispers 'I will keep that part of the self!'

Let there be sleepy blue nights engulf you. 

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