Friday, February 23, 2018

Memories with father 2 Sound of Silence

Baba often used to play Sitar according to the ambiance, time and weather. No compulsion, no hurry to become famous or to 'master' something fast! In rainy days often Malhar or Megh used to be his choice.
After hours of his practice sessions, he used to be silent for hours to follow. Sitting alone. We used to live in a kachha house. Baba loved that kachha house of ours. "See nature can go through us, those rich people cannot afford that!" he used to explain.
I often enjoyed the silence after he finished his practice. I could feel part of the performance which used to remain and roamed around us. Like the smell of a refreshing flower - sound of music used to engulf us for some moments.
Baba taught me the sound of silence - literally.

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