Saturday, December 23, 2017

National anthem and alcoholics - Simulations in ' Country Roads'

Just another drink or two perhaps three in just another day in a kind of familiar space is what makes you grow with time. Its more than the drink or the food and the increasingly loud western remix of 1980s songs the company
 Kaleidoscope keeps that matters. The conceived space contrasts itself from the yet to occupy status of the unfinished war affected like high rises, within the unoccupied and finished mall. The space in itself is in a dilemma to brew its own beers and then name them as scotland, germany or the like. It gives ample room for the frozen paradox. Its more paradoxical when it calls itself "country roads" which actually stands on the murdered country roads! The paradox of a new city - the urban lifeline of Kaleidoscope's country. What can be more interesting? Asks kaleidoscope more often than he actually visits the micro brewery.

The answer has been delivered yesterday. More interesting is when you see a group of five young men having rounds of whisky, beer, vodka  for hours and then standing up for national anthem played in the television before India Sri Lanka match begins.

Yes, the nation needs such programmed responses even after rounds of drinks in a pub build on murdered country roads, brewing beers named as scotland and playing remix of 1980s popular western tracks.

While Kaleidoscope was on his way back in American Uber someone whispers that its not Simulcra out there to study, you are tricked to be trapped inside and you too simulate everyday in a liquid reality.
An old photograph of country roads 

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  1. Alcoholics are wonders! One does, another writes!