Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A surreal Reunion

In a circular motion called life you often get back moments like you have left as it is before you departed. You would never know when the moment was gone. Not all departures are decked with formal farewells and promises that you fail  to keep as the life goes ahead in time. Meanwhile years pass by within blink of eyes and  you continue to have a small corner of an imagined space for all the moments that are gone and for increasing nostalgia. Longing for a home which is no longer there. Sometimes, you question has it been gone forever? Will you ever be able  to relive those even if for a moment? What will happen if you really can relive once and for all?

The answer never comes easy. There are so many years gone, so many different memories have been created, so many times  life tested us over and over again.

Perhaps those moments came back at  unexpected time and place... far away from the places where memories of an earlier life was created. Those busy city life, refuge taking after class melting pot dusky hours and moments of exotics in the middle of an ethnographic romanticism... all come back dances in the conversations. Meanwhile so many untold stories that needed a space above the head and a tap 'life goes on' seem to reappear. The juxtaposed overlapping exotic and liminal space just made it happen. All are relived... like raindrops finally reaches its kind in a river flow, like all the raindrops that circulates through all the life forms. 

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