Friday, August 2, 2013

Monsoon in the wonderland

Kaleidoscope by virtue of his occupational status and affection to photography is finding wonderful locations to capture what Monsoon means to the people who surround his workplace. This post, Kaleidoscope is afraid to mention is going to offer only a few snaps to describe (and henceforth not to interpret or analyse) aspects of monsoons.


Kaleidoscope along with others resides in a faculty quarter where outside encroachment often disturbs their sense of privacy, but in monsoon, Kaleidoscope and some others find it okay to watch and photograph these activities.

There is plenty for each of the encroachers...

Showing offs: 

Suddenly a romeo appears in now water logged playground...
Kaleidoscope does not know for sure whether his romeo has been able to get the much deserved attention from the girl next window... in the girls hostel! Well definitely a wonderful attempt.


Kaleidoscope like many others often is moved by the monsoon sky in its strokes and paintings... Some of the reflections that he could capture:

Just before the sunset... even if there is a momentary space for the sun to show its face... reflections are everywhere. 

 Raindrops do provide the ripple effects...

Monochromes are as usual nostalgic...

Kaleidoscope finds enough reason to describe his workplace - a wonderland... 


  1. Wow... Kaleidoscope I envy your workplace.

  2. Photographs instigate emotions Kaleidoscope... Liked the Romeo section... :)