Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Delayed Train and The Others

When the journey started from Varanasi the train was already running late by three hours. Instead of making up time, the train further loses time. Kaleidoscope had a research paper to revise and send it to the journal editor, hence he kept himself busy. Among his co-passengers a young couple from Holland was enjoying the trip. For them, the more the train gets delayed the more they can see India. Kaleidoscope as part of his research on Varanasi asked a few questions and they answered energetically and reflexively. While Kaleidoscope reworked his paper, they keep on watching outside. When the train reaches at Bardhaman on next day it is already five hours late. The couple panics a bit... and now their whole range of discussion is how to get to the airport soon. The train is finally about five and a half hours late and they just have enough time to reach to the airport. They dismiss their short trip to Kolkata and they admit that they will never travel by a train in India. Kaleidoscope however knows that he will have to experience more delayed trains and perhaps with more interesting works than editing and reworking a paper. 

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