Saturday, October 6, 2012

Building up the Jungle: places and transformations

The tempo of work continues even after twilight 

Kaleidoscope is now living in Post Belghoria Expressway era.

The archaeaology of expressway:

The inception began before Kaleidoscope even born. The place which is now speedy expressway was a huge pile of soil, covered with lusty green grass surrounded by trees. It was the place for Kaleidoscope to play around with friends, in his early childhood. Later he went for morning walks and evening walks. Watching birds had been larger than life experience. Expressway, which now completely engulfs the lusty green field is black and white, speedy and enhances the quality of life of kaleidoscope (?).

The newer Jungle:

Since, the place around the expressway is now well connected to the airport (only 3 mins of bus ride), dunlop (6 mins of bus ride), and NH 6  and NH 2 (15 mins of bus ride), there are urban jungles coming up. The places where Kaleidoscope used to play around... large water bodies and wetlands that housed several wetland birds are now filled up by large scale earth moving equipments. There is a sudden replacement of the greenery, birds, fishes and several other material beings. Much plausibly memories, attachments to the place where Kaleidoscope thought he belonged is also getting replaced rapidly. 


  1. You are right... with places... our memories and attachments are vanishing.

  2. we need to know more... Kaleidoscope, tell us what is happening there? Ecology? Sustenance? Crime?? Disintegration??? What about the birds, snakes, snails, butterflies. What about the new childhood? tell us... there is whole process of changing... record them, let us know.

  3. And the demography is also changing, no? the jungle, especially in the urban context, means so much more.

    1. true... the demographic change... perhaps the most prominent change... for the first time in Human history... true the Urban context - whole is always greater