Saturday, September 22, 2012

... and the religious view points

Kaleidoscope's never ending process of creating a home is economically and emotionally challenging. A simpler part of the process is building a physical space to live on. A part of the process is adding colour to the walls. As none of the super specilised and skilled family members can build any part of the house, colouring surely demands outsiders to come inside and show their skills.

The outsider:
Bablu da, is not just any outsider. He is simple, well behaved person, specialised in adding colour to the rooms, in which Kaleidoscope and the queen are going to stay shortly. Bablu da is highly skilled in giving wall putty, polishing them and colouring them. He is a contact we get from Dilip kaku, who is involved with Kaleidoscope's family for last twelve years. Beginning with the application of Plaster of Paris, at the down stairs, he is often called for cleaning the walls and windows.

The incident:
Kaleidoscope did not think that his not so special lunch with family in the afternoon will become dramatised to such an extent that the family would forget everything else even West Bengal's politics, center-state relationships, ever deferring Daily Allowance, etc. etc. except the drama. It was around 2:00 pm, when the door bell calls, soon after Bablu da left the place. An unknown face with Bablu da came shouting,
"do you know him?"
"He was unnecessarily roaming around our house?"
"His attitude was not right?"
"He claims to work at your house?"
"I think he is thief?"

I saw Bablu da shamefully standing. I said:

"yes I know him!"
"He has been working at our place for last seven days"
"He is from one of our old contacts"

He continued...

"His behaviour was suspicious! He is not a good man, he had some criminal intentions! You should not back him! He might take away things from your home too!" bla bla bla

I said...

"Do you have any proof to your claim? You should not unnecessarily harass a person just because he was roaming around!"

Bablu da tried to defend himself. The man continued to shout until, I said

"Look! you imagination can not prove some one's guilt!"

"I can understand your concern, it is all right that you bring him to us for verification. Since, I am verifying that he has been working at us, I think it is better that you come down!"

The man kept shouting and then leave.

Bablu da reports that he had seen a rare grass type, often used for medicine, at one end of the road and he looked for it. The man came and without listening to him started shouting.

Evening call:
Kaleidscope's mother called to Dilip kaku in order to report the incident.

Kaleidoscope personally called Dilip kaku and then he listened that Dilip Kaku, although Knows Bablu da for quite long, but do not trust him. When kaleidoscope asks him "why? he is good man!"

The answer was "He is a Muslim!"


  1. I liked this everyday nature of writing now Kaleidoscope is offering. Yeah! it is kind of depressing... but again we are living with a long colonial and partition legacy... collective unconscious??

  2. Perhaps secularism is alien to India... We inherited deep rooted hatred towards people with different religion, especially towards Muslims.