Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why did we fail to make Rizwanur a hero?

‘…mysterious death of 30-year-old graphics designer Rizwanur Rahman on September 21, just over a month after he married Priyanka Todi, the daughter of prominent city businessman Ashok Todi, chairman and managing director of Lux Hosiery…’ [Indian Express, 30.9.2007].

I don't know what happens to Rizwanur's case. Yeah, thats how we refer to Mr. Rizwanur - a case!

Okay, a case!
The final verdict according to CBI probe confirms Rizwanur's death as suicide (find here). However, CBI charged Ashok Todi, Pradip Todi, Anil Saraogi - all Priyanka's close relatives and former deputy commissioner Ajoy Kumar, ACP Sukanti Chakraborty, Sub Inspector Krishnendu Das and Mohiuddin Alias Pappu, who was the link between Todi's and police. They are said to responsible with abetment to suicide of Rizwanur. One of the investigating officers Arindam Manna is found death in 2009 (Find here). We are yet to know the actual phenomenon.

We don't know about future of this case.

The civil and voices:

We have witnessed civil protests. Their demand for justice, and movement have a stake in quick disposal of the issue. Thanks to our conscious(?) civil society which raises voice, but, eventually fades out when politics enters.

Progress stopped: politics does not

With time we witness politicisation of the tragic love story. We have seen Rizwanur's brother participating in election. His mother walking with Mamta Banerjee. As the mainstream politics enters, the civil tends to fade away.

Why did we fail to continue the process:

It is difficult to ascertain, but I wish to reflect on a few issues:

First, we are preoccupied.

Second, we are taught to be self centered during our early days of socialisation.

Third, Being for others is an impossibility.

Fourth, We have short memory.

Fifth, We avoid mainstream politics.

Sixth, Civil is highly politicised.

The result:
We appreciate Bollywood films depicting cases like Rizwanur, but we fail to empathise real people and real life.


  1. What a true picture you have portrayed of our hypocrisy.Totally agree with you everywhere its only I, me and Myself!

  2. I still do not understand how we can actually filter civil society out of political society! They are so inextricably entangled with each other, that any attempt to differentiate them sometimes seems ludicrous. Rizwanur has just become another 'issue' on which the opposition can cash on in their mission to dethrone the ruling government! Yes, the film industry too has got a commodity in the tragic lover indeed. If "Chirodini Tumi Je Amar" created waves at the box-office owing much to the publicity stunt that it was a cinemantic take on the Rizwanur-Priyanka love story, Karan Johar's "My Name is Khan" names its protagonist Rizwan, played by SRK...Ironically, the same star is nowadays endorsing LUX Underwear, a company run by Priyanka's family! Well, Rizwanur would never find justice...the tragic tale of the poor boy falling in love for the rich girl has now become a myth...Rizwanur has only added to it, perhaps to re-prove that myths are eternally true. That's it!

  3. political parties enter in the movement and blur the agenda of that movement