Thursday, May 20, 2010


When Kaleidoscope writes on his lethargic self, he mentions about his wish to lengthen his infancy. However, he fails to address his privileged social selves. First Kaleidoscope is a male entitled to numerous privileges. Second, he belongs to "not so bad" material world as economics things are settled. Kaleidoscope worries about another room and not about a missing roof! Now he has a less challenging "descent" job.

This is a phase when Kaleidoscope thinks he will grow. But he sees something like this.

Kaleidoscope can visualise the blue infinity, but its beyond the STOP. This is not some reified situation which compels him to stop. This is his well known lethargic self, which he defines as stopergic. Its his lethargy which compels him to stop.

Kaleidoscope is trying to analyse a very rich, but considerably boring 3000 pages transcript. He is failing again and again. To legitimise his failure he keeps on deferring the process!!

He knows that its just a button he needs to press. Something like this

However, its just not happening. He wishes to see beyond the stop sign. But somehow for last one month its just not working.

As Kaleidoscope's economics is secured, he might not get enough kick from basics.

Kaleidoscope is kinda concerned!

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  1. Maybe Kaleidoscope needs a break and visit some cool place to refresh his thinking process.