Monday, April 26, 2010

Deferred food security is denial of food grains

Kaleidoscope comes across news papers and magazines regularly to make himself disappointed. Here is yet another story where Kaleidoscope is disappointed with the world he is given to live in.

A woman labourer in a tea estate in Assam holds a severely undernourished child. India's population pays the bulk of its healthcare expenses out-of-pocket, as governmental spending is low. Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar Accessed from

Kaleidoscope hears about food security, which makes access to food a fundamental human right. It is an wonderful idea for a country which shows six percent growth even in the time of the great recession and bankruptcy.

It is a happy go moment for Kaleidoscope when he finds an actual acceptance of India's rural huger and poverty. UPA does not stop there, but think of changing it. Now three days back on April 23, eGoM (empowered group of ministers) asks the planning commission to submit comprehensive data on BPL families. Sharad Power says that food security was not on the agenda. The basic discussions are not even completed as they are skeptic about the Public Distribution System which is expected to play a nodal role in implementing food security as a major poverty alleviation scheme.

Kaleidoscope is extremely disappointed with this position

First, India does not have reliable data regarding BPL even Tendulkar Committee report which says the existence of 37% BPL is not taken seriously and government is thinking of curtailing the number of beneficiaries under food security coverage.

Second, criteria for BPL selection are problematic as it ignores simple ethnographic fact that people live in multiple worlds, not in a single world, therefore, BPL in one world is different from BPL in the other.

After months of preparation and agenda setting, UPA is unable rely on its own mechanism which indicates serious mismanagement.

kaleidoscope is frustrated to see that all these are happening in a situation when India is criticised for contributing highest (42%) percentage [UNICEF's Calculation] in world's Under nourished children which Manmohan Singh admits a National shame and India is blaming rural poor for supporting Naxalite movements across 195 districts in 16 states that already costs hundreds of lives according to South Asia Terrorism Portal.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Fighting the self which predates consciousness
challenging the program which makes the life a complete mess

waiting for the cool green sunlight, even imagined the beginning in the greenly horizon
the dreams broken - "its a surreal thought" the silent consciousness just whispered...

Life with the decomposed soul just began...
let me have a chance to start once again.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obsession being obsessed

Kaleidoscope is member of a family which is domesticating cats since Mesolithic period! The degree of affection family has for cats makes it clear to Kaleidoscope that they are traditional cat raisers and that it is highly likely that they belong to the gene pool which first domesticated cats.

As a descendant to the family Kaleidoscope too is obsessed with cats. Now his newest family member, Chitu is obsessed with a card board box and he is appearing like this..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sun burn

Kaleidoscope feels a burning sensation at the back while he takes long lasting bath in the sea. Despite of repeated request to cut short the bathing period the Kaleidoscope hears the sea's call like this (well not the sound but you have to feel the call anyways) ...

and Kaleidoscope is, after all kaleidoscope. So it is a situation where the one who stands within the water always wins so Kaleidoscope does.

After his return Kaleidoscope finds the burning sensation persists and within a few days a layer of dead cells comes out of his shoulder. It is the result of preliminary sun burn.

Kaleidoscope's dad being a musician roams around the city attending and taking classes everywhere of a city which is blessed with hot and humid weather. Today he is having the same problem in his hands and feeling the same burning sensation in his cheek. It is reddish and gives you whole lot of irritation.

Yes, kaleidoscope has an information guru, the google. It says, both Kaleidoscope and his father are exposed to too much UV rays.


Kolkata is having average temperature now a days around 35 - 38 degree Celsius and its not unusual.

So, why all of a sudden sun burn? Should Kaleidoscope assume that ozone layer is vanished?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Through your lens

Kaleidoscope feels the change in the scenario while he keeps himself seated on the endless chair.
The rules of thumb don't apply any more as the nest is burning. Unescapable pattern even if unchangeable reflects unsettled multiplicity of unaccountable positions.

Kaleidoscope is happy with this feeling even if its surreal, changeable and partial reality.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inserted lens: do we seek a deeper perspective? Or just a habit of insertion.

Kaleidoscope walks along the sea beach and finds sandy dunes along the beach. He finds it interesting and plans to explore. The first vision is like this

When he starts exploring, he finds a flowering spiked tree - cactus. Kaleidoscope thinks it a rare event when cactus has flower.

kaleidoscope takes a few snaps like this

and this

Until this

The last one Kaleidoscope takes involves setting his camera to super macro mode, firm held hand and insertion of lens in the flower to capture most intimate details of the instrument of production. He keep taking details and the frequency of the inserted photos compared to other photos is like this.

Now Kaleidoscope is unsure whether it is his pursuit is perfection (but kaleidoscope is not a perfectionist)? Or, if its the image that attracts him? Or, if he has the tendency to explore and seek deeper? Or, its another manifestation of patriarchal pursuit of insertion?

Stabbed corpse and letting go

The corpse is stabbed again. It is not new that the corpse is stabbed, and its not even a significant incident for the corpse or the stabber or the world, yet corpse is writing about it because empathy is impossibility and Corpse has to unburden itself.

It is a slow but steadily monotonous process of making the stabber convince about corpse's decision. Whenever, corpse finds light at the horizon the process reverse back and corpse is stabbed again. Corpse lets it go, with a hope of a brighter tomorrow when the stabber is sad with the stabbing weapon become tear.

But that never happens and corpse is stabbed again.

In the mean time Kaleidoscope arrives with his analytical lens and tries to convince the corpse about the multiplicity of the world and the possible causes of Corpse being stabbed again and again. Kaleidoscope speaks about the possible cultural hangover, stereotypes and constructs that both the stabber and stabbed have. He points to the incompatibility of these possibilities and that even the Corpse might have stabbed the stabber.

Corpse is confused about the stabbing occasion, but could not let it go. It understands its version of the reality which increases its confusion, but from the core of its stabbed heart it just can not let it go. Kaleidoscope understands the difference between analytical distance of the social world and compromised dissolution of boundaries in the personal world. Both the Corpse and Kaleidoscope are awfully tired and need some sleep.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silent miles, lonely beach and crowded devotees

It took over five hours for Kaleidoscope and his friends to reach the destination that is only three-and-a-half hours away from his city - courtesy Indian Railways.

On the third day of his stay at the place his team decided to go to nearby lonely beach. They took a Vano [motor van, used to be known as motor van, but after great departure of Tata Nano in Singur, its now VANO] like this.

Because of the end of the Bengali calendrical year, thousands of devotee with their intention to please Lord Shiva was walking silently... and Kaleidoscope's destination matched to them.

So Kaleidoscope had to change the route which ended up in another lonely beach.

But Kaleidoscope found the journey which crossed devotees, crossed the lonely beach as well

Kaleidoscope took snaps (as we can see he pasted here) and continued to recap his journey to the lone beach... the Silent Miles he travelled and the extra mile he had to add to reach the destination - lonely beach. He and the team wanted to avoid the crowd that crossed their road but ended up having them thus breaking the loneliness they searched for.

The Silent mile and the extra mile... as Kaleidoscope thinks has been good, just like the miles the devotees cover on foot is good for them. Kaleidoscope can not find the loneliness in the beach - may be the devotees do not find what they search for. However, Kaleidoscope can now identify his Vano journey to lonely beach with their on foot journey to the temple.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Living with and living without

Kaleidoscope finds a constant flash from the yellow link light of his old looking and dusty modem in last week. Somehow he knows that it is an indication of another catastrophic BSNL hi speed internet failure which fails rapidly but takes ages to restore. Kaleidoscope lives with internet for quite sometime and can't think of spending a single day without it.

He captures some images which represent the life without internet... symbolically though. Some of the samples -

Its like sitting around with bagful things to share but waiting for the link (remember the yellow light)

Or its like Get Set STOP wait for the signal...

But now Kaleidoscope is habituated to live without internet. First with his change in job from Management heaven to the College at the industrial hell! And now with BSNL catastrophe.

Kaleidoscope does not miss this companion any more!!

But he is confused again. Kaleidoscope is confused whether his entire life surrounded by the multilayered worlds is just a habit of living in a particular structure? If he is going to be the same without the world which he often takes for granted? Is his entire life is just a habit of living in a given structure which is his comfort zone?

Kaleidoscope knows the quasi change of self positioning... he does so... and he is immediately uncomfortable, afraid and something like this -

So Kaleidoscope decides to call "The Queen" and end this confusion (unresolved).